I'm Katy, an illustrator and lettering artist from Austin, TX. 

I create visual stories and bespoke stationery experiences with eye-catching, nostalgic, hand-illustrated designs. My creative voice conveys wit and whimsy by breaking vignettes down to their simplified shapes and lines with analog-inspired texture and limited, playful color palettes.

Mostly I work digitally, but I also enjoy traditional mediums such as markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and gouache paints.

My work is inspired by my unwavering curiosity, my travels, and the beauty of simple, everyday moments.

I’m a passionate aesthete and chronically online. My greatest design influences are Wes Anderson and vintage advertisements, and I love anything and everything Mid-Century Modern. When not working on client or personal projects, I can be found on a hike or bike ride with my husband, curled up with my cat and a good book, arranging a farmers market bouquet, or sipping an oat milk flat white at my favorite coffee shop.

You can find more of my work on Instagram where I semi-regularly share my newest illustrations, works in progress, and other updates.


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